This trackable,  practical, sustainable and reputable  heavy-duty weather resistance mesh material allows air to flow, while its counterpart stretch file is costly and impractical in today's market.  Taking approximately 45 seconds to install and 15 seconds to remove. It is a more ergonomically friendly application as well. Re-usable pallet wraps are fabricated out of a heavy-duty weather resistant mesh material that allows better air flow than stretch film to help reduce spoilage. A sample of pallet wraps may be ordered for sampling. Quantity discounts available. Remember, this is a reusable shipping and storage system. Eco-friendly packaging. Reduces protective packaging waste management costs. Saves time spent wrapping and unwrapping pallets. Stabilize and secure with existing track able WMS. Industrial strength "D" rings. Better product plastic and cardboard box protection.Heavy-duty weather resistant mesh, other materials available. Ideal for closed loop distribution and intra company product movement. Ventilated to reduce food spoilage. Applicable -40Fto180F. Lower material costs overtime. Better ergonomics for employees. Improve worker safety. Reduce machine wrapping time. Reduce landfill waste & BPA poison. Longer useful life of packaging materials. Reduces green house gas emissions.   Pocket window for ticket/invoices.  1 set of gorilla grips (2 Grips) comes with the wrap.  Additional grips are available. Contact 708-990-5725 for special sizes, customized colors and corporate logo labeling quotes.
Document Pocket;  Reinforced Supports; 100% Recyclable; Easy to roll and store; Light-weight; Weather resistant; Self-extinguishing material; Top strap for enhanced security;  -40F to 180F; Breathable mesh material; Self securing straps for storage; Industrial strength D- Riugs; Fire retardancy available. 
Gorilla Grips (2or 4); Side Loader Velcro Straps; Scanner Panel; Custom Colors; Custom Sizes; Company  Logo; RFID Tracking; Military Grade.
                                                                                    2' PALLET WRAP RU#1
                                                                                       4' PALLET WRAP RU#2

                                                                                        6' PALLET WRAP RU#3

                                                                                                 U-BOAT COVER RU#4

Reinforced supports | 100% Recyclable | Washable | Self securing straps for storage | Breathable mesh material | Easy open velcro straps | Light-weight | Industrial strength | Weather resistant | -40F to 180F | Self extinguishing material | Fire retardancy available |  Great cover for food service |Logo can be added for extra charge



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