Controls bacteria and fungi with particular focus on algae and fungi such as M.piriformis and P.regueforti

  • Numerous applications in plastics including packaging, agriculture, medical,etc.
  • And proven highly effective in a wide range of industries including food, agriculture, medical and packaging
  • Aids in reduction of global food waste and transmission of  human infections

Controls pathogens like E Coli and Salmonella

  • Antimicrobial proven highly effective against MRSA Salmonella, Listeria, E Coli and dozens of common, dangerous organisms
  • Proven silver-based technology
  • PE, PP, PS, PET,ETC. compatible
  • Simple minimal inclusion in finished film production process
  • FDA food contact approved

Makes plastic degrade naturally

  • Traditional plastic doesnot rapidly degrade, contributing to litter
  • Uniquely formulated to provide controlled useful-life prior torapid 100% natural biodegradation
  • Contains no heavy metals
  • Can be recyled
  • No plastic filament residue in soil
  • Simple 1% inclusion in finished film production process

Additives are inserted into the production process at a very small percentages along with other standard percentages with other standard ingredients.  Resulting in changing industries and making a difference in peoples' lives.  Reliability proven through extensive and independent studies and testing. Made in the USA.