Controls bacteria and fungi with particular focus on M. Piriformis and P. Roqueforti

  Allows reduction of reduction
⌘  Proven to extend shelf life of foods such as baked goods and cheese
⌘  Simple minimal inclusion to finished film production process
  Numerous applications in plastic including packaging, agriculture, medical, etc.
  Independent laboratory testing proven





Don't disguise or mask odors - eliminates them

Rotten vegetables, eggs, animal feces, dirty clothing, fermented cheese, rotten fish, diapers, ammonia, etc.
inorganic material – not silver
Excellent heat resistance
Can be compounded into most resins



Providing long lasting protection on surfaces in restaurants and public dining areas

  Rapid application and immediate drying
   Even distribution – less than 1 mil. depth
⌘   Long lasting protections
  FIFRA (The federal insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) approved
  EPA approved. Can be used for applications related to non-food contact, food contact, and drinking water applications. Such as polymer incorporated applications, artificial counter top, drinking water filter, and ice machine applications, etc.
  ⌘   Listed under NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved substance under NSF Standard 51



Causes plastic to biodegrade naturally

  Traditional plastic does not rapidly degrade, contributing to litter  Uniquely formulated to provide controlled useful-life prior  to rapid 100% natural biodegradation  ⌘ Contains no heavy metals     100% Recyclable   No plastic filament residue in soil    Simple 1% inclusion in finished film production process    Extensive independent testing  proven reliability  Not designed for use in PET  



 Controls pathogens like e.coli and salmonella       

Antimicrobial proven highly effective against MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E Coli and dozens of common, dangerous organisms
New silver ion based technology
PE, PP, PS, PET, ETC. compatible
Simple minimal inclusion in finished film production process
Independent testing proven reliability




Increease and extends product shelf life

Formulated to remove oxygen, protecting food from oxygen deterioration.
Extends shelf life of fruit, meat, dairy, and bakery products.
PE, PP, PS, PET, ETC. compatible.
Replaces other oxygen-scavenging devices in packaging.





  Protects products from counterfeiting  

  Advanced technology system provides plastic with a unique traceable property                Simple minimal inclusion in finished film production process
  ⌘ Applicable in majority of plastics
  Extensive independent testing proven reliability




 Reduces raw materials

The reducer additive is based on the principle of the inclusion of specific processaiding components to an existing polyethylene substrate
This provides enhanced mechanical properties, namely improved dart impact resistance and tear initiation properties
This allows for the reduction of the crosssection thickness to permit maintenance of original mechanical specifications while using appreciably less raw material




⌘  Designed to prevent development of bacteria on bottle                                                  ⌘  Proven highly effective against MRSA                                                                               Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli, and dozens of common, dangerous organisms                     ⌘   10 “ high      Lightweight      Holds 31 oz.                                                                  Fits comfortably in your hand    Continuous  Antimicrobial properties remain active for years  FDA approved      Dishwasher safe  ⌘  Inexpensive  Logo and colors available BPA free Colors and logos available





Low impact on carb footprint and economy 

Contains C14 (Carbon 14 – “new carbon”) and reduces energy usage in the
manufacturing process
Can replace fossil fuel based resins in plastic packaging up to 50% and lower the
Carbon Footprint and Economy
Sourced from Oyster shells becoming waste at the oyster farms during harvesting
Lowers the Carbon Footprint (CO2) by 80-90% in comparison to polythene (PE)
and can reduce the climate impact in polythene shopper bags up to 40%



Additives are inserted into the production process at a very small percentages along with other standard percentages with other standard ingredients.  Resulting in changing industries and making a difference in peoples' lives.  Reliability proven through extensive and independent studies and testing. Made in the USA. FDA approved. Resin carrier.